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Rose Quartz Mini Point

Rose Quartz Mini Point


You are purchasing one of these super gemmy adorable rose quartz points.  These little beauties are perfect for your desktop or mini altar.  They are sure to light up your space and your aura with happiness, love and tranquility.


Gem Stats:
•    Size: W 5.0 - .75", H 1.75 - 2.0"
•    Country of Origin: BRAZIL
•    Sellers Country of Origin: USA
•    Color/Treatment: NATURAL PINK, NO TREATMENT




ROSE QUARTZ is no doubt the ultimate Love Stone!  It possesses all the high-vibey master healer energy of clear quartz with very distinct loving moods ranging from Venusian passion to gentle harmony and loving sweetness.  With its ability to inspire Love, Passion and Sexuality, it is no wonder that it has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.


Aside from its super-charged love goddess allure, Rose Quartz attracts emotional health, self love and everlasting True Love.  Wear it near your heart as it is a heart chakra stone or use in prayer or ritual to manifest true love for yourself or a partner.  (Need help or some inspiration?  Hit me up and I will show you how to use it.) 


Rose Quartz is also helpful in opening and balancing all the chakras, making it a powerful and essential item in your everyday spiritual tool box.   This little gem is sure to please!

  • Return Policy

    Returns for damages only.  We take great pride in our products and go that extra mile to ensure that your items are shipped safely to you. However, accidents happen and sometimes your item is damaged during shipping.   Items damaged in shipping may be returned within 30 days of purchase.  

    Please contact Branch & Stone for return address.

    For items damaged during shipping, please provide: 

    • pics of packaging and damaged item
    • original receipt
    • Customer is responsible for return shipping fees, where applicable

    Images may be texted/email to 408-807-4277 /

    Thank you!


    Flat rate shipping within the US  3-5 DAYS

    Small Flat Rate Box 

    8 11⁄16″ x 5 7⁄16″ x 1 3⁄4"


    Free Shipping on Orders over $100

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