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Welcome to Branch & Stone Co.!

​A little about my shop.  I am passionate about crystals and have been a collector for over 30 years.  A few years back, I turned that passion into a business.  It has been a long and winding road. 


At first I sold crystals from my home to friends and friends of friends.  It wasn't long before my living room could no longer hold all my treasures and I was welcoming many new visitors into my home.  I realized it was time to open a proper business and storefront. 


By early 2017, I opened Branch & Stone, a brick and mortar gem shop in Old Town Tustin, CA.  It was quaint and quirky with a genuine sparkle and resonant tranquility.  A veritable suburban retreat for all our visitors.  While Branch & Stone has {sadly} closed its doors in So California, our gems are now available to the world online.  


The Branch & Stone vibe and passion remains the same as we continue to offer high grade, carefully curated gemmy delights, meditation tools and natural cosmetics.   Branch & Stone gems are sourced directly from the mines, thus we are able to offer you the very best in quality and pricing.  Thank you for visiting! 


Branch & Stone Co.

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