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Pink Tourmaline Crystal Specimen - large palm stone

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Specimen - large palm stone


You will receive 1 pink tourmaline palmstone.  These pink tourmaline specimen are perfect for your crystals meditation practice.  A bit larger than teh average palm stone they work well  resting with other crystal companions as well as in the palm.  Each one is unique, having a variety of hot pink and pale pink striations running through a chalky white calcite and quartz matrix. Some have flecks of shimmering mica! 


Gem Stats:
•    Size: approx. W 2.0", H 2.0", L 2.5" varies
•    Country of Origin: Brazil
•    Sellers Country of Origin: USA
•    Color/Treatment: Natural colors of Hot Pink/ Pale Pink/ White, NO TREATMENT



Like all the tourmalines, Pink Tourmaline operates on the emotional body.  Its soft, fresh energy works to soothe all matters of the heart.  It inspires compassion, love, self love and nurturing.  As such, it is consider a heart chakra stone.


On the physical body it can ease heart palpitations and bring the heart to a regular rhythm.  A wonderful stone to use when recovering from a heart attack.  Overall it is very calming to the nervous system and helps with neualgia, spinal issues as well as migraines.  It also alleviates motion sickness and eases and regulates reproductive complaints especially in teens.  


It is a very protective & supportive stone for children and serves to protect/nurture those who suffer from abuse, anxirty and depression.  It is also helpful during teen pregnancy and encourages young mothers to bond with their babies.  


A unique feature of the tourmalines is that they are both piezoelectric (retains electricity when pressure is applied) as well as pyroelectric (retains electricity when heat is applied).  They, in fact, retain and transmit measurable energy!  



    Returns for damages only.  We take great pride in our products and go that extra mile to ensure that your items are shipped safely to you. However, accidents happen and sometimes your item is damaged during shipping.   Items damaged in shipping may be returned within 30 days of purchase.  

    Please contact Branch & Stone for return address.

    For items damaged during shipping, please provide: 

    • pics of packaging and damaged item
    • original receipt
    • Customer is responsible for return shipping fees, where applicable

    Images may be texted/email to 408-807-4277 /

    Thank you!


    Flat rate shipping within the US  3-5 DAYS

    Medium Flat Rate Box             

    11 1⁄4″ x 8 3⁄4″ x 6″             


    Free Shipping on Orders over $100

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