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Pink Peruvian Opal Tumbled Stone

Pink Peruvian Opal Tumbled Stone


You are purchasing one of these Sweet little palm stones.  Another heart chakra stone, pink opal fills its keeper with peace and tranquility. 


Gem Stats:

• Size: 1.0 - 1.5"

• Country of Origin: Peru

• Sellers Country of Origin: USA




Peruvian Pink Opal is soothing heart stone and is especially useful in overcoming grief, heartbreak and even the pangs of long distance love.  Pink opal pushes us to look within to gain a stronger relationship with self.  It lends a sense of individuality and strength from within so that we can bear the loss of those we love. 


Pink Opal not only helps with love and loss, but it is useful in our spiritual awakening.  A powerful self-healer, it teaches us to let go and find peacful love and acceptance of our past.  


This stone is also helpful for children troubled with anxiety, fear and shyness.  Pink