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KILLER Natural Hand Sanitizer

KILLER Natural Hand Sanitizer


Created by and for germaphobes.  Tested and safe on children.  😉 Formulated in accordance with the FDA compounding formula recommendation of 75% isopropyl alcohol by volume.  (last updated June 01, 2020) This formula is strong! The iso alcohol is suspended in a proprietary blend of purified Aloe Vera and anti-microbial therapeutic grade essential oils. Simple and pure, NO artificial scents ever. The dry down leaves the hands smelling lightly sweet and spicy with a distinct cinnamon-y scent.

For topical use only.  DO NOT CONSUME.


    .5 oz and 1 oz clear PET plastic bottle with pump spray dispenser, 2 oz cobalt lead free glass bottle with pump spray dispenser 

    Hand sanitizer non sterile solution: isopropyl alcohol (99.9%) 75% antiseptic solution, purified aloe vera liquid, therapeutic grade essential oils


    Due to the personal nature and use of the product, hand sanitizer is non-returnable/non-refundable. 

    If you have specific questions about the contents of product which may impact allergies or sensitivities, please contact the Branch & Stone prior to purchase.  We will be happy to discuss the product with you.

    If you are interested in a sample prior to purchase, please contact Branch & Stone.  Samples are complimentary however there is a $5.00 flatrate shipping fee within the U.S.  You may combine samples within one shipment. One sample per product per customer.


    Flat rate shipping within the US  3-5 DAYS

    Small Flat Rate Box 

    8 11⁄16″ x 5 7⁄16″ x 1 3⁄4"


    Free Shipping on Orders over $100




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