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Green Tourmaline Crystal Specimen - 136 grams

Green Tourmaline Crystal Specimen - 136 grams


This green tourmaline specimen is so happy and joyful.  Your heart will sing!  This is a unique stone with an interesting formation of deep green rods running through snow white quartz.    


Gem Stats:

•    Weight: 136 grams

•    Size: approx. W 3.0", H 2.5", L 1.5" varies
•    Country of Origin: Brazil
•    Sellers Country of Origin: USA
•    Color/Treatment: Natural colors of Deep Green/ Crystal Smoke/ White, NO TREATMENT



As with the other tourmalines, green tourmaline operates on the emotional body.  Another heart chakra stone, pair it with Pink Tourmaline for the a harmonious heart chakra vibe.  Green tourmaline is one of the most joyous of crystals as it invokes  happiness, joie de vivre and a sense of completeness and self love.  As a high heart chakra stone it aids to attune the heart with the third eye chakra, bringing heart and mind into harmony.  It also lets one experience Divine Love.  In this way, it promotes deeper and more expansive visualization and promotes joyful creativity, prospertity as well as manifestation.


Green tourmaline is believed to help with a variety of phsyical ailments.  It strengthens heart functions, chronic fatigue and is soothing to the nervous system.  It is also believed to be have a calming effect for high energy  "buzzy" types as well as for hyperactivity. 


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