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Clear Quartz Smoky Quartz Crystal Polished Point-  549 grams

Clear Quartz Smoky Quartz Crystal Polished Point- 549 grams


A remarkable piece of clear and smoky quartz showing the very best of natural inclusions combined with a high polish finish.  This crystal has beautiful green and brown dendrites as well as white phantoms and cloud inclusions.  It is also capped with a few rainbows!  This chunky point has a personality all its own.  An excellent crystal for gridding, an removing negative energy.  You can lost in this one during meditation.


Gem Stats:

•    Weight: 549 grams

•    Size: approx. W 2.5", H 4.5", L 2.5" 
•    Country of Origin: Brazil
•    Sellers Country of Origin: USA
•    Color/Treatment:  Clear Crystal/ Pinkish Brown inclusions/ White Phantom inclusions, NO TREATMENT



As a Master Healer Clear quartz does it all!  It brings peace and harmony into any environment, boosts psychic abilities and aids the intellect by assisting clarity, focus and memory retention.  It is also programmable and has the unique ability to enhance the properties of other stones.  It is also a very protective stone in that it creates a positive field around its keeper.  


The uses for clear quartz are innumerable.  Use for protection, pacifying one's environment and energy field.  Use it during meditation with gridding, scrying (crytal ball gazing and pendum work) or simply to amplify and enhance one's crystal companions.  


The smoky quartz lends an altogther unique flare to this piece.  Smoky quartz dispels negative energy within the environment and is thus a highly protective stone.  It is called the Stone of Power as it has been used by shaman's for centuries.  It is especially useful during spirit and shadow work as it grounds teh keeper to the phsycial realm while also guarding against psychic attack. 


All quartz is piezoelectric an pyroelectric, i.e. it holds a electric charge.  The amount of 'energy' these stones retain is, in fact, measurable.


If you had to have one crystal in your collection quartz is an excellent choice. 


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